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The Importance of Graphic Presentations For Developers

Updated: Apr 4

The Importance of Graphic Presentations for developers

Just like other business sectors, implementing well-planned marketing strategies for real estate developers is vital to the overall success of any development project. Using graphic and informational visuals can enhance your digital and print presentations, engage your audience, and keep them interested!

Here are some graphic elements you should include to enhance your next investor proposal, stakeholder presentation, town hall meeting session, or design team coordination meeting.

Your Visual Identity in Graphic Presentations for Developers

First and foremost, it is important to create a professional, eye-catching presentation that is informational and attractive. Graphic presentations for developers focus on your overall look and incorporate your brand identity throughout the presentation to create a consistent, visually appealing, and recognizable brand. It is important to remember, in many cases this presentation could be setting your first impression with your audience! This is your chance to gain the trust of your audience, and the best way to do that is through consistent branding and clear messaging in your marketing strategy!

Phone taking a picture for commercial developers

Photos and Videos

Using photos and videos as explanatory tools is the best way to bring your project to life and show potential investors, buyers, tenants, or community members why and how your development is the place they want to be! Using photos and videos, you can easily showcase the developments’ best features, including the layout, amenities, special features, and geographical location. You can share photos/renderings of the beauty and essence of your development, but also focus on photos of the neighborhood, aspects of community impact, and local amenities as essential. Videos can be a way to create excitement and share emotions related to the area, explain the vision of the development, or release information to garner community support.

Infographics for commercial developers

Charts and Infographics

Charts and infographics are a great way to present data and important information in a clear and concise way while making your presentations more interesting and appealing. Using infographics to present user stats, job creation, financial impact to the community, and more can make complex information about your development easier to digest and understand quickly!

Maps and Diagrams

Maps and diagrams illustrate the location and layout of your development and help your audience visualize the benefits of location, adjacent amenities, or cultural implications. Using maps, you can easily show the distance to nearby attractions, airports, and lodging, or other landmarks. Diagrams can showcase features such as floorplans, traffic flow, site access, and zoning.

No matter what stage you are in your development progress- from proforma to grand opening, our team can support your communications and marketing outreach to help ensure your project’s success. The 30|90 Marketing team is well versed in real-estate development, messaging, branding and graphics. Contact us to develop your next informative, yet visually-pleasing presentation for your stakeholder group, investors, or community forum.

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