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Your brand is the emotional response people have about you when you leave the room.

Positive experiences, feelings, and images that relate in your mind to a company, a place, an experience, all create brand recognition. These positive vibes are the catalyst for the brand loyalty that we wish for our clients, consumers, and audience to have.

How a person perceives your product, service, experience or organization is your brand.

A brand is not a mark, a logo, an identity, or a product. Brands can mean different things to different people and can morph over time.

​Building a full immersive and impactful brand for your organization will create direct ROI, foster internal alignment, an lead to deeper customer loyalty. A fully developed brand is working when it differentiates you in the marketplace and builds trust with your consumers. In totality, marketing is about building connection with your consumer, and a powerful brand will do just that.

At 30|90 Marketing, when we delve into a comprehensive brand design, we assess the organization from all perspectives, find the gaps, identify opportunities for improvement, highlight key strengths, then go from there. We strategize on a brand campaign that is best-suited for your firm’s goals and objectives, develop the proper messaging, and create a connectivity plan with your target audience.

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