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Branding & Marketing
to support the redevelopment project

Clearview Logo
Clearview Rendering
Clearview Abbreviated CV Logo

30|90 Marketing designed an abbreviated logo to support the full logo. This logo "mark" which will be used throughout the redevelopment and was integrated into the overall schematic design by the architect. 

CV Stationery Package

Stationery Package

Booklet (Printed and Digital Flipbook)

30|90 Marketing worked with Clearview City Center to create a cohesive branding and messaging strategy. We developed a sleek abbreviated logo, which will be used throughout their redevelopment, in signage and advertisements. We also developed a stationery package, including business cards, letterhead and envelope. This ongoing project included designing a book showcasing the renderings and plans of the new facility. It also included statistics, demographics, and geo-graphics for the surrounding areas.

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