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Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or brands through one or more
forms of electronic media, which allows multiple channels and methods that
can be analyzed for effectiveness real time.


A digital marketing campaign can be built via website, social media, direct email messaging, marketing automation, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), or a combination of these.

Effective online presence is demonstrated through a clear vision of your target audience and how best to approach and appeal to them.

  • Have a clear definition of your target customers/clients so you know how to connect and communicate with them.

  • What does your audience need, what do they look for, how do they act, how do they purchase?


Your digital marketing strategy aligns with your overall marketing strategy
and supports your overall company brand.

Content marketing means developing and distributing valuable free content to attract prospects, earn trust, and convert viewers into loyal customers. The type of content you write and share must be aligned with your overall messaging strategy and brand image. You are using relatable information to build a viewership and build trust.  

30|90 Marketing offers offer digital marketing services for a variety of industry and client types. Our customized plans are built to respond to the individual company’s personality and needs.

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