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ULI Louisiana NOLA Business Alliance + ULI Real Estate Breakfast “Take 5”

Take 5 Recap

On March 28th, we had the pleasure of attending the ULI Louisiana + NOLA Business Alliance Real Estate Breakfast with guest presenter Andy Kopplin, BioDistrict New Orleans Board Chair and President + CEO of the Greater New Orleans Foundation. Andy presented the BioDistrict’s newly approved strategic plan, which will guide efforts and funding priorities as the district is set to receive self-generated tax revenue for the first time in 2024.

What is Take 5? Take 5 is a five-minute recap of key takeaways from ULI Louisiana’s latest events. In the spirit of member connectivity and continuous conversations, we invite you to pop in and catch-up on the topics you may have missed!

“Over the past 6 months, the BioDistrict New Orleans Board of Directors has been engaged in a strategic planning effort designed to create a shared vision for the BioDistrict and a district-wide strategy to guide the BioDistrict in fulfilling its mission to grow the biosciences industry in Greater New Orleans to create jobs and economic opportunity for all New Orleanians.”

-Andy Kopplin, BioDistrict New Orleans Board Chair, President + CEO of the Greater New Orleans Foundation

What is the BioDistrict?

An economic development district in New Orleans that aims to transform the biosciences sector into a jobs engine for the regional while improving the lives of communities across New Orleans.

The Vision:

To be a vibrant, authentic, and engaging place where institutions, industry, and the community convene to tackle global challenges in health and wellness alongside economic and health disparities in New Orleans.

“Quick Win” Opportunities for the BioDistrict Today:

  • Support the redevelopment of Charity Hospital

  • Prioritize Tulane Avenue Improvements

  • Pursue public space improvements & activation under Claiborne Avenue/I-10

  • Seize economic development opportunities

  • Invest in placemaking & activation opportunities

  • Convene institutional partners to develop a research strategy for the district

  • Provide targeted funding to BioDistrict researchers, entrepreneurs, & entrepreneurial support organizations

  • Provide targeted funding to BioDistrict education & workforce development initiatives

  • Promote more safety & security in the district

  • Advance a branding & communications plan

Focus areas of the Strategic Plan:

Phased efforts will concentrate activities and resources, prioritizing immediate strategies to establish a solid foundation for long-term success.

  • Real Estate

  • Activation & Placemaking

  • Partnerships

  • Governance & Operations

Just as the BioDistrict serves as the intersection for several distinct neighborhoods, it also is a convergence point for a variety of real estate uses and economic activity.

Planning Initiatives & Developments:

  • Charity Hospital Redevelopment

  • Duncan Plaza

  • Xavier Ochsner College of Medicine

  • Tulane Medical Center Renovation

  • Superdome Renovation

  • Claiborne Corridor Cultural Innovation District (CID)

  • Trader Joe’s Planned Development

Activation & Placemaking

The BioDistrict will champion improvements to the public realm that promote placemaking and encourage activation to improve and expand access to amenities, engage and ignite the community, and retain existing and attract new residents, visitors, and workers.

Tulane, Loyola, and Claiborne Avenues and Canal Street demonstrate logical corridors for residential and mixed-use development and benefit from transit.

Take 5 is contributed by 30|90 Marketing.

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