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Make a Brand LOGO Pop!

Let us take a dive into color combinations and how color psychology relates to marketing and how that can influence a viewer's emotional response.

When creating a brand with a client, we like to start with the overall brand identity. What does this brand/company think and feel? // What do they provide and how do they help people? // What is their vibe and how is it delivered? // What words describe the persona of the overall brand?

Then we assess the ideal target buyer(s) - What is their personality? // What is their business style? // What is their conversation style? // What is their work personality?

Your company and your messaging should always be tailored to your audience and the “receiver” of your communicated message. You have to be sure your brand, identity and language all make sense to your target audience, as well as being inviting and relatable. Imagine your brand and your buyer as a real person. (in reality they actually are!) Think about how connected or disconnected they might be to your language and messaging. The words and tone matter, and the visual aspects can lend a hand in contributing to that idea or feeling.

Check out Moo’s awesome and quick explanation about various color schemes: monochromatic, analogous, complementary, compound and triad.

A note about our brand logo:

The 30|90 brand logo was inspired by the analogous color combination using teal and navy. Teal can be representative of calm, cooling and refreshing – like the sea. It is also a color of sophistication, energy, wisdom, friendship and intuition. We love these descriptors, and we truly believe that as a company we embody these elements for our clients. Navy is an anchor color, in fact navy is now seen in fashion as almost a neutral color to be paired with all the other colors. Blues can increase productivity in work places and are often seen as a sign of stability and reliability. Navy blue is also one of our favorite colors to wear and use in home decor.

When forming our business, we chose the name 30|90 Marketing because the numerical digits lended themselves to the angular and mathematical. This can also be read as three parts of a whole (30+30+30) standing for Strategy + Messaging + Accountability (with the last 10% saved for Personality!). Also we wanted to include a nod to our hometown New Orleans: 30 longitude/ 90 latitude.

Our Home, Our City, Our Culture, and Our Energy!

As with any logo production, we had to brainstorm and and conceptualize. We played around with fonts, styles and placement to get it just right. We held some focus groups, we got input, and we had real conversations about what the brand meant to us. It was important for us to discover who we were trying to reach. Our clients are creative + analytical, mathematical + focused, designers + builders, business owners + inventors. We wanted to speak to those people and connect in a way that delivered this message: 30|90 Marketing is a creative, professional, and dependable source for marketing, branding, business development and corporate communication!

30|90 Marketing can help you on your journey to creating the perfect brand.

A few great references for color psychology:

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