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How an Event Marketing Agency Can Help Create a Comprehensive Strategy for Your Next Event

Updated: Apr 12

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Planning and executing a successful event while also maintaining your role as a business owner or organizational leader is no easy task. Whether it’s a product launch or a corporate conference, there just never seems to be enough hands to get the job done. Although you may have a strong team backing you up, it still seems impossible to get a successful event launched while also maintaining all aspects of your business. This is where a marketing agency can help!

When creating an event for a brand, there are always goals to reach. An event marketing agency has the experience and skills to not only market your entire event from start to finish but also align your strategies with your goals. Marketing for your event requires more than just posting a few graphics to promote your event: it involves crafting an event brand, strategic planning, multichannel promotion, and much more!

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5 Ways a Marketing Agency Can Help Make Your Next Event a Success

strategic planning for an event

Strategic Planning

A successful event begins with a strategic plan that aligns strategies with goals. This plan outlines the event’s objectives, target audience, messaging, and key performance indicators. A marketing agency can help create a clear roadmap for all of these factors to align together.

Crafting an Event Brand

An event requires a brand within itself, which means all that work you did to craft your business's or organization’s brand – you have to develop further for your event! A strong event brand is crucial for attracting attendees. A memorable event logo, name, and identity are all needed, and they have to be consistently implemented across all event materials. A marketing agency can not only speed up this process but also help keep things cohesive throughout your entire event process.

multichannel promotion

Multichannel Promotion

Event marketing requires the utilization of various channels to reach your audience. Learning a new channel, let alone multiple ones, is time-consuming and difficult. The benefit of having a marketing agency is that they are already skilled in operating these channels. They also have the experience to know what strategies are effective on each channel and can tailor your content for each platform.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Marketing agencies can assist with content generation, list management, and timing for email marketing, which remains an essential instrument for event promotion. They have the tools to segment email lists and create targeted campaigns to help drive your event to your intended audience. With email campaigns come event announcements, countdowns, registration reminders, exclusive offers, and more which can be a lot to create and distribute!

data tracking and analytics

Data Tracking and Analytics

When you are investing a great deal of this time into promoting your event, it’s important to keep track of real-time analytics of your marketing efforts so you can better enhance your promotions. Marketing agencies not only have the tools but also the knowledge to understand what’s working and what needs adjustments. They can help you optimize your strategy to ensure better your goals will be met.

When it comes to running your business or organization, time is precious. Hiring an event marketing agency to market your next event allows you to make better use of your time and direct it where it’s needed in your business. 30I90 Marketing has a team of experienced strategists ready to tackle your next event and help you reach your goals. Contact us today to find out more about our comprehensive event marketing services.

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