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Benefits of Networking and Attending Events For Business Growth

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

To create a thriving brand, numerous factors come into play, with networking being one of the key components. It's crucial to get out there and connect with others in your target markets and sphere of influence. Participating in events and building connections with others can provide numerous advantages. In fact, networking is so powerful that 95% of professionals agree that face-to-face connections are key for successful long-term business relationships.

Although virtual interactions have become prevalent in this digital era, they may not always be the optimal choice when forming relationships initially. Virtual communication has its benefits, but it can be more challenging to establish authentic relationships without in-person connections first. Attending events and coming face-to-face with other business professionals can help you gain trust, discover new opportunities, and create powerful partnerships.

What are the Benefits of Networking at Events?

Expand Your Professional Network

Networking events bring together a variety of business professionals. Sometimes, these events are industry-specific and other times they include professionals from various industries and backgrounds. By attending these events you can expand your network with potential clients, strategic partners, and even investors.

Establish Credibility and Build Trust

Simply showing up to events and connecting with other people can automatically help boost your business's credibility. These events often give you a chance to share expertise and get your name out there. Attending these events also helps businesses gain authority in their industry which ultimately leads to more trust.

Discover New Opportunities

Attending networking events can help expose you to new ideas, trends, and industry developments. By engaging in these events, you may discover new opportunities for yourself and your business. Connecting with these professionals could also lead to future collaborations and partnerships or could give you the opportunity to connect other people with each other, which is an added value!

Build Up Your Referrals

The more professionals you connect with, the more places your business name will be known. By connecting and sharing your expertise, you are giving your business a chance at a referral. If you develop yourself as an authority leader at these events, you just may gain some recognition in your industry.

Gain Knowledge

Most importantly, attending these events brings learning opportunities. Generally, networking events are filled with business professionals who are experts in their fields. By networking and building a relationship with these individuals, you can gain an extensive amount of knowledge that can be used to help better your business.

We understand how intimidating networking events can be, but attending them can be a powerful tool used for business growth. Developing strong relationships with business professionals and expanding your network can open up endless opportunities. If you are looking for networking events in the New Orleans area, 30I90 Marketing has you covered! Our monthly newsletter includes a variety of networking events. Email today to be added to our list! Or visit our main blog page to see past newsletters.

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