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Tune in to An Agency Story podcast for a special episode featuring Rachel Harris Ledet

Updated: Apr 12

an agency story podcast

An Agency Story Podcast - Episode 40 - Sage

This week on An Agency Story podcast, we have Rachel Harris Ledet Founder and Director of Strategic Marketing of 30 90 Marketing – a strategic marketing agency based out of the greater New Orleans area that specializes in a wide range of marketing services, from rebranding work to comprehensive projects.

Before starting 30|90 Marketing, Rachel accumulated 16 years of experience in corporate marketing positions, where she transitioned between marketing and business development departments. This exposure provided her with a unique perspective on the importance of creating impactful marketing strategies that not only capture attention but also integrate with the sales process and contribute to a company’s revenue generation.

Whether on the streets or within an organization, Rachel consistently demonstrates a thoughtful and deliberate approach. She is known to hop into cars with project managers, armed with a notebook and a curious mind, diligently asking questions to gain a comprehensive understanding. Additionally, her experience working in-house has enabled her to acquire knowledge beyond her specific domain, allowing her to effectively advocate for others.

Rachel’s ability to adapt to various tasks and her deep understanding of the complexities involved truly makes her a jack of all trades. However, her approach is not haphazard; rather, Rachel follows a methodical and strategic path that she often refers to as calculated risk-taking.

Listen now:

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