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In a World Full of Artificial Intelligence (AI): How Do You Make Your Marketing Stand Out?

With the increasing rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, it comes as no surprise that 26% of organizations are using AI for marketing and sales. From personalized recommendations to predictive analytics, AI is transforming the world of business and how we connect with our customers. As technology grows and AI continues to overlap marketing functions, the question is: “How do we make our marketing stand out?

What can you do to make your marketing stand out in a world of AI?

Authenticity: Although AI is able to craft personalized messaging, it doesn’t account for the genuine authenticity of a brand. As AI continues to grow, it will become more obvious when brands are using it for their marketing efforts, and the fact is, customers are more likely to engage with brands that are perceived as genuine and transparent. It’s important to continue to let your audience see the human side of your brand and to continue human conversation as much as possible.

Creativity: As helpful as AI is, it will never be able to replace the creativity of the human mind. AI is powered by the internet, therefore everything it produces is a result of the internet. Over time, this will become noticeable. It’s difficult to stand out when everyone is using the same AI prompts to produce the same results. Take advantage of this and maintain your creative voice to set yourself apart from your competitors.

User Experience: AI has a ton of benefits, but as of now it can’t directly tap into your audience and find what can bring their user experience to the next level. As most businesses begin to rely on AI more and more, it’s important to analyze your audience and create a user experience that AI can’t. A seamless and authentic user experience will go a long way compared to other brands that are solely relying on new technology.

Customer Interaction: On social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, it has become clearly evident when comments are being generated by AI. Every time one of these comments is posted, it takes away the human connection you are trying to build with your audience. Take the time to genuinely interact with your customers in a way that builds relationships and makes your customers feel important.

Utilize Social Proof: REAL social proof is something an AI generator can never duplicate. This is huge when it comes to separating yourself from the other generic posts within your niche. It’s no surprise that people can see right through a fake testimonial. Taking the time to share genuine social proof will build your trust and credibility and ultimately separate you from your competitors.

Using AI for Assistance – NOT Replacement: There is no doubt that AI can be a powerful tool, but only when it’s used correctly. As technology continues to grow – the workforce is looking for the easiest way around. Every brand’s goal is to reduce time, but at what cost? AI should never replace your entire marketing strategy or marketing professionals. Always remember to use this new technology to ASSIST and supplement your marketing efforts.

In a world where AI is becoming normal, creativity and authenticity will become more valuable for brands. The bottom line is that the human element is irreplaceable. Although it’s important to keep up with the latest technology – you must remember that your audience craves that human connection that can never be replaced by AI. If you are relying on AI for your marketing efforts to save time, 30I90 Marketing can help! Our team of experts is committed to creating genuine and creative content that will stand out in your niche. Contact us today to learn how we can help boost your marketing efforts in an authentic way.

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