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Why a Landing Page May Be the Best Option for Your Business

Many businesses, especially new ones, struggle with the decision of committing to an entire website. Sometimes a business may not be ready for a full website, but they need to supply minimal information for their clients. In situations like this, a landing page may be the perfect solution!

A landing page is a stand-alone webpage created specifically for a purpose. This web page can provide prominent information and a CTA for your clients. Creating a landing page can give your clients and potential clients an easy and quick way to obtain important information without committing fully to the financial and content-generating demands of a full website.

Would a landing page be right for me?

Landing pages can be beneficial for many different reasons. Although each situation is different, here are a few examples where a landing page can be a perfect option:

New businesses: For businesses just starting out, a landing page is a great way to provide important information on what your new business provides and what they value. At the beginning of a business journey, it may be difficult to commit to a website right off the bat. The good news about a landing page is that it can be converted over to a full site when you are ready. New pages and additional content can be added at any time.

Business rebranding: Completing a rebrand for your business is already a ton of work, but while you are in the middle of a rebrand, it’s important to keep your current and new clients up to date and really clear on your company messaging. A landing page is a great way to let clients know about the rebrand, what will happen during the rebrand and when the rebrand (or new website design) will be complete. This also gives you time to adjust all of your current digital marketing platforms while keeping your clients informed.

Consultants: As a consultant, it’s important to showcase who you are and your personality. After all, people are deciding to work with YOU! A landing page is a perfect opportunity to showcase who you are as a consultant and professional without providing pages of information. It’s a great “starter guide” for your clients to get to know you better. Having at least one web page also provides a more “professional look” to your work and gives viewers a place to research you online.

What should your landing page include?

What you include on your landing page is going to depend on your business and what you want to provide your clients, but there are a few things we suggest including:

A storytelling guideline on how you serve your clients: If you only have a landing page, you must remember to provide information on how you serve your clients while also creating an experience. With a website, clients have multiple pages to go in-depth and learn about you and your brand. With a landing page, it has to create an experience and provide valuable information all on one page.

A CTA: A call-to-action (CTA) is a must for all marketing strategies, but especially for a landing page. With a stand-alone page, you must catch the reader's attention and tell them exactly what to do next. You should have only one clear and eye-catching CTA to avoid confusion about what the reader should do next. Book Now. Get in Touch. Schedule a Session. Request a Quote.

A little bit about your team and values: You don’t need to provide a novel on your business's values and experience, but you can provide a brief overview of the information. When creating a landing page, you have to remember that your first impression is coming straight from that page. Consumers like to see the faces behind a brand and they like to know what they value and what products/services they provide. Consider incorporating these items in your landing page to help humanize your brand.

How to start my landing page

Landing pages are a great way to get your business live on the web for your clients and potential clients to view and find you. If you aren’t ready to commit to a full website, or just want the beginnings of your brand information shared on the web – this could be the solution for you! Not only can having a landing page help convert clients, but it is also a great addition to boosting your SEO.

At 30|90 Marketing, we prove quick turnaround and creative design on landing pages as an option for early websites. The best part? Your landing page can always be converted to a full website when you are ready! For more information on how to get started building your landing page, reach out to 30|90 Marketing today.


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