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The Anatomy Of A Good Instagram Account

Everyone has that one favorite Instagram account that’s memorable and sticks out to them for whatever reason. Maybe it’s the content they post, maybe the visual aesthetic of their profile or maybe it’s just a memorable user name. Whatever the reason is for an Instagram account sticking out in your mind, there is a lot more that goes into it than just that one aspect.

With 90% of Instagram users following a brand, the stakes are high for your brand’s Instagram account to stick out from your competition. Multiple aspects go into creating a great Instagram account. Here are the top 6 parts of the anatomy of a good Instagram account.

1. Strong Captions

There are multiple ways you can approach captions for your Instagram content. Some choose the short and funny route, while others choose the long and educational route. The fact is, neither option is wrong. You have to choose what makes sense for YOUR brand message. Part of figuring out which captions are best for your brand is by knowing your audience. What type of caption is going to reel your followers in? Your caption may be noticed before your image, so it’s important to have a strong caption as well as a strong image. Here are some examples of strong Instagram captions:

  • Call To Action

  • Trending Hashtags

  • Clever or Funny Captions

  • Educational Captions

  • Encouraging/Inspirational Captions

2. Story Highlights

Story highlights showcase the content you want your users to see first. The content that goes on these stories will generally be one of the first things a new follower will see. Story highlights are great because they are customizable and can give your followers a shortcut to exactly what they are looking for. With the short attention spans of today’s users, it’s important that they can find what they need quickly. If you don’t have what they are looking for at the top of your profile, they will likely leave and move on to something else. That’s the benefit of story highlights, they will stand out as a shortcut for your followers. Here are some great story highlights ideas:

  • New Products

  • Sale

  • About Us

  • Important Evergreen Information

  • Completed Projects/Portfolio Examples

3. Consistency

Consistency is KEY to a strong Instagram profile. Everyone knows an active profile is an attractive profile. No one wants to look up a new brand and see they haven’t posted in a year and a half. It’s important to keep consistently posting to not only let your users know you are there but also to help with Instagram’s algorithm. Instagram isn’t going to push a piece of content from someone who hasn’t posted in years. The more active you are, the more Instagram’s algorithm will work in your favor. Here are some ways you can improve your posting consistency:

  • Create a Content Calendar

  • Schedule Your Posts in Advance

  • Maintain a Frequency You Can Handle

  • Set Time Aside to Come Up with Ideas and Research

4. A Strong Bio

Your Instagram bio is also one of the first things your old and new followers will see. With a strong Instagram bio, you can target your ideal audience so any new visitors will understand what you and your business are all about. This is the first impression followers will receive about your brand, so your bio needs to explain exactly what you want new clients to know about you. This is potentially the spot where Instagram visitors will convert to followers. Here are some important things to include in your Instagram bio:

  • Summary of who you are and what you do

  • Contact Information

  • Emojis to grab attention

  • Professional Tagline

  • Link to Your Website

5. Visual Strategy

A strong visual strategy is important to a strong Instagram profile. It’s kind of like wrapping your brand up into one aesthetic. When visitors see your Instagram profile, they should know your brand color, brand voice, and brand ideas all from one look. Your visual strategy should represent your brand’s goals and objectives. Your profile is the overall spot to tell your visitors your brand identity. Here are some things to include in your Instagram visual strategy:

  • Color-matched content to your Brand's color

  • Visual call to actions

  • Color-matched story highlights

  • Brand logos EVERYWHERE

  • Captions and titles that match your brand voice

6. Insights

Finally, let’s talk about how to use your Instagram Insights. Instagram Insights is a great tool that, if used correctly, can play a huge part in building a strong profile. Insights are an Instagram tool that provides data on your social media followers and your content. Analyzing and implementing this data into your Instagram strategy can create an overall strong profile. Insights will let you know what your audience loves and what part of your profile you could do some work on. Here are a few important aspects you can find in your Instagram Insights:

  • Optimal Posting Times

  • Most liked videos and images

  • Demographics of accounts reached

  • Which content is reaching the most

  • Profile activity

As our world continues to grow more digital, it’s important you keep your digital platforms up-to-date and at the top of your A-game. We understand the “digital world” can be overwhelming for a lot of people, but that’s why 30|90 Marketing is here to help! Contact us today to see what we can do for your digital marketing plan.


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