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New Orleans Entrepreneur Week Session Recap


DDD, Creative Alliance of New Orleans, and Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation presented a keynote presentation from Kelley Lindquist, President of Artspace Projects, Inc., America’s leading nonprofit real estate developer for creative communities, followed by a panel discussion on how real estate and cultural initiatives have (or will) contribute to the economic health of communities and the revitalization of neighborhoods.

We love this topic and the integration of art and culture into the community. Because we were so inspired by this topics, we wanted to share it with you!

Artspace Projects has a mission is to create, foster, and preserve affordable and sustainable space for artists and arts organizations. Bell Artspace Campus in New Orleans has been estimated as a $45 million project in 2019. To achieve this project over time it took four key guidelines according by the President of Artspace Projects:

· Patience

· Listening

· Slowing Down

· Time

As a nonprofit developer, time is the biggest challenge to any project stated by Kelley Lindquist. The creation of Bell Artspace took a total of 10 years to complete. Sometimes greatness does take time. Some of the most creative ways of impacting our community is to incorporate the arts in every decision. Many of the panelists confirmed the culture of New Orleans is cherished and should be considered highly in such development projects.


The Panelists

“How do you fit into the arts and development?”

“Art is more than just paintings on walls by dead people. Artists are a part of your community.” Stated by a panelist whose main focus currently is in developing a museum focused on all types of creative art.

“Integrating art into cool spaces is important.” Panelist Tara spoke while expressing her love for the arts in all forms. Whether is be music, TV, film, or dance, it is all important for a vision. She is currently building the New Orleans Music Economy.

“Learning to come together and use our resources to better New Orleans.”

“The most important thing is to create a collaboration with the culture. Make it authentic.”

These statements made were to express and imply all forms of art are crucial for economic development. It was an intriguing conversation! How can we start incorporating the arts into New Orleans more? A food for thought.

Join us at more events during New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, ending on Friday March 29th. FREE TO REGISTER.

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