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How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing can be a powerful digital marketing tool if delivered correctly. With an increase in spam emails over the years, getting people to open up and read an email is more difficult than ever. In fact, 40% of consumers say they have at least 50 unread emails in their inbox; unfortunately, you could be one of them!

Over the years focuses have shifted greatly to social media usage causing some companies to put email marketing on the back burner, but never underestimate the power of email marketing. Email marketing has the highest conversion rate of all marketing channels, proving how beneficial it can be for your business. To avoid your emails being marked as spam or left unread, review these tips to help make your email marketing campaign stand out!

Benefits of Email Marketing

Before you dive into the world of email marketing, you should understand its benefits. Besides its high conversion rates and ROIs, email marketing can offer you a lot of advantages when it comes to your customers. Some of these benefits include:

-Targeted and personalized content

-Low costs

-Easy to measure results

-Increased brand recognition

-Increased traffic to your website

Compared to other marketing channels, these qualities are considered standout when it comes to email marketing. It is a great way to stay consistent with your customers, provide added value, and make them feel connected.

Tips for an Effective Campaign

Understand the Goal of the Campaign:

Before you get into the fun part of designing an email campaign, make sure you know why you're doing it. Without a clear and achievable strategic goal, your campaign won’t have a base to stand on. Consider what you want to achieve with this campaign and how the campaign can help with that. Using the S.M.A.R.T goal method is a great way to begin your campaign. You want your goals to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. Some goals you can consider for your campaign are:

  • Website Traffic

  • Brand awareness

  • Customer relationship loyalty

  • Gaining feedback

  • Growing your subscriber list

  • Boosting engagement

  • Selling products

Build a Targeted Email List

One of the most important factors in having a successful email campaign is having a targeted email list. The last thing you want is a giant email list filled with people who don’t care about your content. The most ideal scenario would be to have your website visitors convert into subscribers, but that doesn’t always work. Most visitors actually leave your site before subscribing to emails. Exit-intent pop-ups are a great way to prevent this by deciphering customer behavior to prompt a subscribe pop-up right before they leave your site.

Understand the Types of Email Campaigns You Can Use:

When it comes to email campaigns, it’s important to understand all the types of campaigns you can choose from. Email campaigns aren’t just created and sent with no research, they are strategic and targeted to certain goals. Some examples of different kinds of campaigns include:

  • Welcome Email Series

  • Seasonal Campaigns

  • Triggered Email Series

  • Product Promotional Campaigns

  • Post Purchase Drip

  • Newsletters

  • Cart Abandonment Campaigns

  • Re-engagement Emails

Hook With an Engaging Subject Line

One of the biggest factors that go into people opening your emails is the subject line. If you don’t have a strong hook waiting to reel them in, you just might end up as one of those 50 unread emails! The more you can personalize these subject lines, the more valued you will make your customer feel. Remember, people want to know what you can do for them and how you can solve their problems so your subject line needs to have value. Getting your customers to open the email is one of the hardest parts of this process. Be careful not to use clickbait to woo your readers; the subject line should be direct and to the point but also closely representative of what content they will find in your email.

Offer Value

The biggest advice we have for you is to offer real value in your email marketing campaigns! You have to keep in mind that people are receiving tons of emails a day, and yours is just another to add to the list. The thing that will make you stand out though is the value you offer. Make your viewers feel important and show them what you have to offer compared to your competitors. Without value, you may just be another spam message they want to avoid.

There is no “perfect way” to conduct a successful marketing campaign because you always have to find what works best for you. Often it’s best to conduct A/B research and test subject lines, content layouts, and various offerings to see what works best. We hope these email marketing tips help you start your journey into successful email marketing campaigns. Always track your metrics to see how your campaigns are doing and don’t be afraid to switch it up and try something new. Starting email campaigns can be a difficult process, but luckily we specialize in working with clients to build effective digital marketing campaigns! Reach out to 30|90 Marketing today to see what we can do for your email marketing campaign.


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