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Five ways to generate buzz for your commercial development, even if it’s years away from completion.

Updated: Apr 12

Real Estate Development Marketing

Your commercial development is years away from completion, but this doesn’t mean your marketing needs to be years away from beginning! In fact, this is the perfect time to begin marketing your commercial development. This blog outlines five effective ways to kickstart your marketing efforts and build anticipation well in advance.

1.Craft a Captivating, Multi-Purpose Landing Page

Photo of a landing page

If you’re not yet ready to launch an entirely new website, whether due to time constraints or due to limited content, try starting with a landing page. Not sure what to put on it? Try this outline:

  • The logo + name of your development project

  • Announcement Header. Example: Coming soon to the Lower Garden District Neighborhood in 2025!

  • Compelling Calls to Action:

    • Email Alerts: Encourage visitors to “follow along on the journey” by signing up for email alerts, fostering a sense of inclusion and community engagement. You can send updates to this email list as the renovations progress, as you find tenants for your space, or if you have anything else exciting to share about the project!

    • Comment Box: provide a comment box, inviting questions and concerns, as this interactive approach demonstrates your commitment to listening and involving the local community. And, you may even find some useful information in here! You might land a new commercial tenant, discover a new business collaboration opportunity, or someone may bring up a point you never considered before. Giving the public an opportunity to express their opinions will foster long term health of the project, will make people feel heard and appreciated, and will boost a positive perception of your overall brand.

2. Document the Design & Construction Process:

Utilize your frequent visits to the construction site by capturing visually appealing content – photos, angles, and short video snippets. Share these updates through email newsletters to your landing page subscribers, on social media, and with the press. Start planting seeds now!

Don’t forget to incorporate site signage with finalized branding, project team details, and available renderings to generate excitement from the very beginning. By showcasing the development's progress, you'll plant the seeds of interest early on.

3. Identify Community Allies & Local Businesses with Aligned Services.

Community allies importance

Study the surrounding market and make a list of nearby businesses and community groups that are aligned with your project… and think outside the box with this! These businesses and community groups don’t need to be aligned just by offering the same services that you do. Look beyond the obvious connections you may have with these groups, considering factors such as target demographics and leadership styles. Forge personal connections and explore collaboration opportunities, from joint marketing initiatives to hosting mutually beneficial events.

4. Create a Consistent Social Media Plan

Social media’s reach is unparalleled. Don’t underestimate the impact and power that it has! Before crafting content, develop a framework outlining what you want your audience to know, understand, and feel about the development. Whether sharing construction milestones, architectural renderings, personal stories behind the project, or informative posts, leverage various content formats (photos, videos, stories, reels) to showcase your development's value, engage your audience, and foster a desire to be part of your venture.

5. Brief the Press Early

PR for Real Estate Developers

Don't wait until completion; start building relationships with your target publications and news outlets now. Reach out to editors, providing information about your project's timeline, community benefits, and services. Gradually release details to generate ongoing interest. Many publications have renovation columns (ex: CityBusiness’ Renovation Report) that could feature your project, so not to worry if your splashy completed photos aren’t ready yet. Keep the press informed and intrigued as your development progresses.

By implementing these strategies, you can create a dynamic and engaging pre-marketing campaign that builds excitement and community involvement long before your development reaches completion.

We’ve seen countless real estate development marketing mistakes, and we have solutions! Get in touch with our team today to learn more about making the most of your real estate marketing strategy.

Real Estate Marketing Specialist

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