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Create a Storytelling Framework

We can't wait to share with YOU our journey in creating a storytelling framework for our brand: 30|90 Marketing. Like many of you, we started off with a rather lengthy narrative about what we do. You can see that (for SEO purposes) we kept it at the bottom of our homepage. Written content is really important on your site, but that doesn't mean you need to start of with an essay to introduce yourself to your customers.

Check out where we started:

Writing Website Content

We explained what we do and who we do it for. But it's long, it's a bit cumbersome, and quite frankly -- it's just too much! We took a step towards creating a concise message and really honing in on the specifics of what we offer our clients. Try to answer the question: What SOLUTIONS do we provide?

Developing a Brand Message

As you can see, we were getting close! Rounding third and almost there. At this point, we called in the Expert: Barbara Shuck, who specializes in master wordsmithing and is a creative genius! Barbara really gets us, and she took us to the finish line! The BEST part is that now Barbara is part of our team and can provide Storytelling Frameworks to our clients too. We are so excited to share our final product and to offer this stellar messaging practice as part of our overall marketing strategies!

Storytelling Framework

Want to join in on the fun and become a valued member of our client circle? We are help to help, and we are passionate about what we do! Get in touch today -

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