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5 Tips for Creating an Effective Email Campaign

Email marketing has proven to be a powerful marketing tactic that many business owners and professionals use in their digital marketing strategies. There is no doubt about the power email marketing has, but there is a strategy that goes into designing your email campaigns to become something your audience wants to open. Having an effective email design contributes to whether your email gets noticed or not amongst the hundred other emails consumers receive daily.

Consumers rely on emails to check for any important information or exciting news from companies and businesses they interact with. In fact,

Text messages may seem like the smarter option, but the truth is that consumers often value their texts too much to subscribe to marketing through that channel. That’s where the benefits of email marketing come in. Email marketing is quick, convenient, and won’t frustrate your customers too much if used properly.

Does Having an Effective Email Design Make a Difference?

Don't underestimate the power of an effective email design just because you may send and receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis. It’s true, most of the time when you reply to an email you don’t sit there and create an entire layout design with it. The difference is that oftentimes, you are the responder – not the sender! Also, you may be sending casual correspondences and not branded content.

When you are sending an email as a branded element, you will find it is much harder to get customers to open your emails when there is no design. In fact, if a business sent a plain email to all its consumers with no design efforts, many consumers may even think it was a scam. Email design can not only attract your customers, but it can also make sure their attention goes to the information you want it to.

How can you get your consumers to open your email campaigns? Here are 5 tips that will help you create an effective email design that your customers actually want to open.

5 Tips for Effective Email Design

Stay on brand: Just like every part of your marketing strategy, your email design needs to be on brand with the rest of your platforms. Staying on brand is more than just being aesthetic, it helps build brand recognition for your audience. The more consumers consistently see your branding, the quicker they recognize your brand on daily occurrences. Some things to consider when building your email design that should be cohesive with your branding are:

  • Brand Colors: Don't stray too far away from your color palette. You can incorporate your brand colors throughout your email design.

  • Font: Keep your font consistent throughout all your platforms.

  • Tone: Your emails should be written in the same tone as your website, socials, blogs, etc. Keeping a consistent brand tone sets a feeling for your customers.

Ensure your design is mobile responsive: In today’s world, checking your emails by phone is the way to go.

The last thing you want is to spend hours on an effective email design for it to be opened on a phone all jumbled up. Most platforms have a mobile-viewing option before sending. Don’t forget to review your email to ensure everything stays effective for both mobile and desktop viewing!

Create a really effective subject line: The hardest part of an email campaign process is getting your customers to open it. Even if the content in your email is relevant and valuable, it won’t be seen until you get your customers to open it up. Your subject line should be eye-catching and valuable enough that the reader wants to take the time to open it. Some tips for crafting an effective subject line are:

  • Make it personalized

  • Keep it short and to the point

  • Avoid spam words

  • Include value

Use compelling images: Images can do wonders for increasing the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Remember, everyone consumes content in different ways so it’s important to incorporate different media. Some people may sit down and read every word in your email or some may just look through the images. Make sure your images provide high value and CTA’s so that consumers know what you want them to do even without reading the email.

Always include a CTA: A call-to-action (CTA) is basically the whole point of your email. Most companies aren’t just sending emails to say hi, they want you to do something! Whether you want your customers to read your blogs, follow you on social media, subscribe to a list, or even purchase something – your CTA has to show that. The end goal of your email should be for your readers to take ACTION, no matter what it is.

Email marketing is a highly effective marketing technique that won’t be going anywhere any time soon. If you have put your email marketing on the back burner, it’s time to reevaluate and start creating effective email designs using these tips. Consistent email marketing can be difficult to uphold on your own, but 30|90 Marketing can make it easy! Reach out to us today to see how we can help build your marketing campaigns today.


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