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5 Best Apps and Tools for Content Creation

Content creation can be difficult, and sometimes it can take a lot of time. Having the right tools and apps to create your content is essential in making the process faster and easier. Although there are a ton of tools and apps to choose from, some of them just may not suit your needs. It’s important to try as many different tools as you can to find the right ones for you. We are going to share with you some of our favorite apps and tools that have helped our content creation become easier and more streamlined.


One of the first content creation tools we’re going to cover is Canva. This is a must-have tool for any marketer and content creator. It has templates for just about any graphic you can think of. A lot of people think this app can only be used for social media graphics, but they are mistaken. Canva has templates for flyers, stories, emails, business cards, presentations, etc. The list is HUGE! With a free or a paid version of Canva, it has a lot of things to offer. One of our favorites is the brand kit! You can upload your logo and company colors; anytime you want to use a template and just change up the colors, it’s not a hassle. Here’s some pros about using Canva:

You Can Create This On Canva!
  • User-Friendly

  • Easy to resize templates for the correct sizing for your platform

  • Budget Friendly

  • Team Access

  • Tons of templates that can easily be customized and modified


We're going to jump from graphics and talk more about video content. Video content is rising in the world, and you can’t just put anything out there. InShot is the perfect app to easily edit your videos. Not only does it have some great effects, filters and transitions, but it makes editing easy for any video platform you need! It can easily adjust your canvas for TikTok, Instagram Reels, Youtube, etc. InShot has a huge selection in the free version, but the paid version offers a whole lot more. Our favorite feature is the video extract tool where you can remove sounds/music from other videos and put it on yours. No need to purchase music or try and find that TikTok sound! Here are some pros to using InShot:

  • Easily add text, stickers, emojis, etc. to any video

  • Filter and effects strength adjustments

  • Easily add videos together with smooth transitions

  • Sound extraction and music options

  • Easier to use and more options than Instagram Reels and TikTok


InStories is a great way to elevate your social media story graphics. We all know you can go on Facebook or Instagram and create a story, but the truth is there just aren't a lot of options. InStories can not only help you create professionally edited stories, but it also has plenty of templates to choose from if you’re stuck in a creative block. You can make your Instagram and Facebook stories stand out from your competitors with InStories by using their wide selection of features. Our favorite feature is the animation tool. With this tool you can make any piece of your story and animate in any way you choose. That’s one way to definitely make your story stand out! Some pros that make InStories stand out are:

  • Template categories to choose from

  • Team editing

  • Library of music files

  • Animated transitions

  • Easy format changing


Content curation is a huge part of a content creator’s strategy, but sometimes it can be difficult. Have you ever spent hours scrolling through social media and the internet just to find a piece of content to reshare? Well, we have a new tool to show you called Mix. It’s easy to find relevant content to reshare with this app! You can search and follow keywords that you are interested in and Mix will suggest videos, photos or websites that relate to those. You can easily reshare the content to whatever platform you need. Here are some pros you need to know about Mix:

You Can Find This On Mix!
  • Can easily see what is popular in your network

  • You can promote your content on there

  • Learn your competitors

  • Generate future content ideas


Looking for cool royalty free images and videos? Pexels is the tool for you! This tool ultimately makes finding stock images and videos to use easy. The best part about it is that it is a FREE stock library. Artists and creators from all around the world upload their images for you to use. No more paying for images or spending hours trying to find out how you can get an image without a watermark. We love this tool because the quality of the photos are amazing and it’s easy to find exactly what we need. Some pros you should know about Pexels:

You Can Find This On Pexels!
  • No subscription necessary and FREE

  • Create collections to organize your work

  • Access every photo you’ve ever downloaded

  • Follow artists and creators you love to keep finding more content

As we stated at the beginning, not every app will be exactly right for your content strategy, but we hope that you check out some of our favorites. If you are struggling with content creation, let us help! Contact 30|90 Marketing today to see what we can do for your content creation need

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Mar 31

Tell me, how do I use Pixels? As far as I know, it's paid and to get a template from there, you need to activate a subscription or something like that? If you know how to do it for free, then please show it on the video, you can visit to find out several recording methods.

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