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The Latest and Greatest Instagram Updates of 2022

Instagram never fails at coming out with new features that are sure to make the platform’s user experience even better. With over 2 billion active users, Instagram strives to keep up with competing platforms such as TikTok and Facebook. There are a ton of new features for 2022. As always, new features and layouts can receive mixed feedback. Some users love them and some can’t stand them. With each new feature update, the best thing to do is just test it out for yourself! Here are the latest Instagram 2022 updates for you to try out this year:

Instagram Grid Pinning

One of the latest features that is already in effect is the new grid pinning. Instagram already had a feature like this where you can pin comments on your posts, but now they are taking it one step further. Although Instagram is late to the game on this trend after Facebook and Twitter already have a pinning feature, their grid layout allows them to add a little twist. With Instagram, you can now pin up to 3 posts to the top of your profile whereas Facebook and Twitter only have one. This is a great feature for content creators because that means your old posts that went viral can still be seen at the top of your feed! To start pinning your posts follow these steps:

  • Go to the post you want to pin

  • Click the 3 dots at the top

  • Click “pin to your profile”

Hiding Like Counts is Now Optional

Instagram has been toying with the idea of hiding the number of likes you receive on a post for a while now. There has been somewhat mixed feedback on this update. There have been comments made about the number of likes influencing what people are drawn to. In a nutshell, the purpose of this feature is to steer the direction of content more towards feelings instead of popularity. While this has been an ongoing discussion for Instagram since 2019, they have implemented it to only be optional. Many creators are choosing to hide their likes, but you can also still see a good bit keeping their likes on. Another plus, you can choose to hide them on only certain posts. To hide your likes on a specific post follow these steps:

  • Go to the post you want to hide the likes on

  • Click the 3 dots at the top

  • Click "Hide like counts"

Latest Algorithm Update

As you may know, algorithm changes never stop for social platforms. Although they continue to change to achieve the best experience for their users, it can become quite frustrating for content creators. Constant algorithm changes can affect the way your posts perform. If you aren’t up to date on the latest algorithm, you could be missing out on some key factors to making your content successful. Although it is constantly changing, it seems that currently, the most important factors in determining what users see in their Instagram feeds are:

  • Popularity Indicators (Likes, locations, comments, etc.)

  • How frequently the user interacted with the account in the past

  • How many posts the user has liked

  • User's engagement with the accounts’ other content

New Reel Features

Instagram Reels have been the latest craze for content creators. Instagram reels have been a heavy competitor against TikToks and there are debates amongst marketers as to which one is better for your business. While TikTok is continuing to blow up, reels seem to be the top spot for businesses to promote their content. With Instagram and Facebook being partnered though, it looks like reels have a chance of gaining higher reach between the two platforms. With 70% of marketers planning to increase video activity on Instagram, they had to step up their game. Some of the newest reel features include:

  • Longer reels (up to 90 seconds)

  • New layouts and filters

  • Interactive stickers on reels such as quizzes, polls and captions

  • You can now import music from your own videos

  • Drawing on reels

Collaborative Posts

You can now collaborate on a post with another profile. What this essentially means is that when you post content and invite a collaborator, it will also show up on their profile and to their followers. This ultimately can boost the reach of your posts especially if you collaborate with the right partners. Collabs (collaborations with other brands) and influencers have been a huge part of Instagram marketing, and this is only enhancing the experience. The best part is that reels are also included in this new collaboration feature. To collaborate with someone on a post follow these steps:

  • Create your post like normal

  • Click "tag people"

  • Click "Invite Collaborator"

Moderate User Activity

There is no denying it, most of the world is interacting online. The negative effects are that social media has taken a toll on our society. It’s hard to stay offline when everything you need and want is online. Social media has specifically made a huge impact on the way teens interact with their peers. In fact, teens use an average of nine hours of media per day and check their accounts and texts a minimum of 100 times a day. Although they rank high, teens aren’t the only ones with a significant amount of social media use. Content creators especially have a knack for spending countless hours on social platforms trying to keep up with the trends. Social media isn’t completely bad, but a few daily limits and break reminders might do us some good. Instagram has launched new features where you can set daily time limits and interval reminders to take a break. Obviously, this doesn’t just block the app from being used, but it will remind you when it’s time to take a break. To reach these features follow these steps:

  • Click the three lines at the top right of your profile

  • Click “Your Activity”

  • Click “Time Spent”

  • Find “Set reminder to take breaks” and “Set daily time limit”

With Instagram constantly updating its platform and adding new features, we are sure there will be another post coming soon. These updated features have the potential to grow your reach and engagement as well as enhance your content. Staying current with social media planning and technologies requires dedication and time commitment that some business owners can’t achieve on their own. Reach out to us today to see how we can help get you started on a social media planning strategy with 30|90 Marketing!


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