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Strategic Planning SUMMER check-in

Summer check-in on your Strategic Plan. Not Suggesting this should actually be done on a beach, although that sounds enticing!

Summertime is a great mid-year check-in point to review your strategic plans written at the end of last year. It's a great time to re-focus, see where you are, and make adjustments when necessary. I really like this short article by Project Eve that encourages you to review the items on your goal list, make notes of any changes to circumstance, and "reframe and move forward." I like to add two columns to my action items or task lists: Progress Update and Resources Needed. As Project Eve points out, you aren't a failure if you haven't met a goal, but you may need to assess your progress (make note of how far along you've actually gotten) and also list any resource needs/changes to accomplish this goal. Perhaps a new time frame is needed, or the circumstance has adjusted the goal slightly. That's ok. Be informed, stay (self) aware and keep moving forward! "When you know better, you do better!" - Maya Angelou

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