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Social Media Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Social media is a key medium in today’s marketing strategy and in societal communication. Social media has become so universal that many people even ask for social media hWith an 8-second attention spans the world changes, so does social media, but luckily there are some key points that will always stay true. Let’s go through some social media do'ns and don’ts to help keep your brand’s digital identity consistent and at the top of your customers’ visibility.

Social Media Do's

Do Use Captivating Imagery

Since social media has made its mark in our world, the attention spans of users has decreased. In fact, the average human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish’s. With a 8-second attention span in humans, your content needs to be captivating. The human brain can process images at an incredible speed. This means your content not only needs pictures, but super compelling ones at that!

Do Post Regularly, but Not Too Much

The truth is there is no secret formula to how often you should post on social media. Frequent posting is only as effective as the quality of your content. If you don’t post enough, your audience will forget you. If you post too much, you’ll overcrowd their feed. That’s why it comes back to the quality of your content. You have to be consistent in social media, but you also need quality content. To help decide how much you should post, think about how much quality content you can create in a week and go from there.

Do Keep the Social in Social Media

No one likes a one-sided relationship. This is true for your followers too! Sure they enjoy viewing and reading your content, but they also want to socialize with you as well. This can be difficult with a high follower count, but there are some easy ways to keep your followers engaged without being one-on-one. Simple things such as asking them to comment below makes them feel as if they are heard and appreciated. Remember, social media was created as a way to socialize through a digital world. Don’t forget to engage with your followers!

Do Create Based on Social Media Platforms

Although all social media platforms have some similarities, they are still all very unique. You have to create content based on what certain platforms thrive on. Content that may thrive on Instagram may flop on Facebook. Think about your channels and what their main medium is. Facebook may be great for articles, Instagram may be great for photos, and TikTok may be great for videos. If you want your content to thrive, you have to create for that platform.

Do Set Realistic Expectations

This is SO important in your social media channels. Humans have the tendency to compare themselves to others. You cannot compare your growth to another brand’s growth. Every brand has different goals so your wins may not be their wins and that’s okay. If you have 200 followers then 10 new followers in a month may be a huge win for you, while another brand with 3.5 million followers may not care about their new 1,000 followers. It’s okay to have different goals, just make sure they are realistic for your brand right now.

Social Media Don'ts

Don't Veer Off Brand

Have you ever seen a company post something really random that just doesn’t seem to match their overall content. We want to avoid this! Everyone is so concerned with trying to keep up with the latest trends that sometimes brands can speak out of turn, diluting their brand voice. Of course you want to keep up with trends and on topic, but the reality is that not every trend will work for your brand. Don’t sacrifice your brand voice to stay relevant. Analyze current trends and see if you can work them into your social strategy without jeopardizing your brand package. Remember, your followers are following you for a reason.

Don't Take Shortcuts

Nothing in life comes easy. Building a social media following can be difficult to start. You see all these profiles with millions of followers, but the truth is it takes a lot of hard work to get there. You may think buying followers will trick people into thinking you're well-liked and popular, but if your content doesn’t match your following count then it's pointless. Social media users will see right through your fake following. If you want real results, you need to understand it takes time and build content authentically.

Don't Replace Human Interaction with Marketing Automation

Yes, we all love marketing automation. It can definitely lighten your workload and allow you extra time for other things, but don’t rely on it! When you get a phone call and hear a robot, do you stay on the line? If not, what makes you think your followers will stay? Human interaction is still very important in today’s society. People want to feel connected to you, and they won’t feel that through automated responses. Use your marketing automation wisely, but don’t forget to take the time to personally interact with your followers.

Don't Ask Too Much of Your Followers

Constantly badgering your followers to like, subscribe or comment is annoying. Of course you want to have a call to action, but it doesn’t need to be every post. Remember, people want to feel valued, not used. Asking too much of your followers will make them feel like their only purpose is to grow your account. Content should be built for engagement and to prompt continued interest overall.

Don't Ignore Questions, Comments, Messages from your Followers

A lot of people think their main goal is to grow their account. Once they get all those followers they think “Finally, I made it. I can let off a little”. This mindset is WRONG. The work never stops! Just because you finally hit that million follower mark doesn’t mean you can stop engaging with followers. They started following you because you valued them and made them feel important. If you stop, your audience will stop too. They will find your competitor, the one that takes the time to respond, and your followership will go down. Do not settle! Remember, your goals can change, but your customers’ priorities should always be somewhere in those goals. They are the ones that got you here in the first place.

We understand that was a lot to take in, but even implementing some of these tips can help grow and sustain your social media accounts. Sometimes just scrolling through tips and tricks can’t solve your social media struggles, but 30|90 Marketing can help you really dive in and grow your social media plan. If you would like some guidance, please reach out to us to develop your social media strategy and build a more cohesive marketing plan for your firm or organization.

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