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Professional Profiles on LinkedIn Matter

Why is it so important to have an active and complete LinkedIn Profile? Do people even use this platform? The answer is YES! As a professional, especially if you are client-facing, it is imperative that you have a complete and attractive LinkedIn profile. Individuals with complete profiles are viewed THREE times higher on searches, views, and throughout their network. People are genuinely curious about the vendors and partners that plan to work with, and use LinkedIn as a robust "yellow pages" to do research on each person's qualifications, personality type, and interests. I can't tell you how many times I've walked into a meeting and someone flat-out admits they spent some time researching me and reading my LinkedIn profile. Great! Now I know you're interested, and I also know that I had your attention for at least a minute or two.

Many professionals realize how valuable the profile can be for sales and general connectivity, but don't know where to start. I developed a very simple how-to guide to walk you through the profile, which you should consider your professional resume and a general overview of your career history and credentials. Also, Google Search will very likely rank your LinkedIn page higher than your actual website or other social media platforms because the algorithm is very fond of LinkedIn, so why not use that!? Additionally, your leadership team, business developers, and client-facing team member should also be featured heavily through their profiles. After all, searching for a professional should be easy, and information should be readily available. It has been stated that 57% of a buyer's purchase decision has been made before even contacting a supplier (read: online research is happening whether you admit it or not!).

To download the 30|90 Marketing step-by-step Guide to Building your LinkedIn Profile, and to find out if you meet ALL-STAR ratings, click the image to the right of my mobile profile.

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