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Marketing for Workplace Recruiting

Recruiting has become a big challenge for companies looking to hire in today’s workforce. Employers are finding it harder and harder to find qualified candidates to fill their open positions. Some of the most common challenges employers have been facing include talent shortages, engaging and attracting qualified applicants, hiring in a timely manner, meeting work schedule requests (in-person vs. virtual vs. hybrid), and retaining qualified employees amongst others.

Many businesses overlook the various ways in which Human Resources collide with marketing efforts. Just like you market your business to promote your products and services, you can also invest in marketing your brand to attract the employees you are seeking. Marketing your business to potential candidates is one of the best ways to ensure your job posts will appeal to the right talent pool.

Methods for Marketing to the Workforce:

1. Make your brand stand out like the big-name companies. When people see job postings for highly recognizable brands they are intrigued and usually eager to learn more and submit an application. Many job hunters research job and company information online, so make sure your online presence makes an impressive first impression.

  • Make sure your website is professional, up-to-date, easy to navigate, and clear

  • Deliver a clear message about what your company values, what type of work you do, and why your company is a great future employer.

  • Ensure your social media platforms are well managed and maintained including information, community involvement, and humanizing messages about your team and your clients.

  • Blogs are another way potential candidates can learn about your company, review your knowledge and leadership, and experience part of the company culture.

2. Fine-tune your job postings. When composing your job descriptions, be sure to include as much specific information as possible. It’s better to lay out expectations, responsibilities, and requirements early on so that you are not confused during the interview process. Below is a list of some of the details you can include:

  • Required hours and flexibility

  • Work Schedule: Remote or In-Person, hybrid, or flex schedule

  • Benefits, vacation packages, and other bonus features

  • Show your company culture and personality

3. Study your competition. Look at how your competitors create messaging to appeal to potential employees. What do they do well that could be modified for your company? What makes your company stand out? It is important to include your perks and company culture in your job description. Other items to include:

  • Competitive pay

  • Opportunities for advancement

  • Mentorship opportunities

  • Employee/customer relationships

  • Training Opportunities

4. Know your candidates. Once you have identified a pool of qualified candidates, your hiring team will begin interviewing. It is important to ask the right questions to your candidates to assess their career goals and gain insight into whether or not they’re likely to be a loyal employee.

  • Ask about their career goals

  • Learn about their favorite and least favorite responsibilities within the job role

  • Identify areas of the highest skill level and areas of the biggest growth

  • Let them know you want to see them advance

  • Encourage and support continuing education

As we move into 2023, remember these marketing and communications tips when you start your search for qualified and reliable candidates. If you would like assistance with company culture development, companywide messaging, or drafting creative and interesting job descriptions, please contact the 30|90 Marketing team. We can help your business stand out from the crowd and appeal to the right candidates, after all, your people are your greatest asset!


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