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Keys to Developing Your Branding Package

Branding: Let's cover the basics. Your #brand is the promise you make to your customer. What type of experience will they have? How will your product or service solve their problems or enhance their lives? Your brand is your reputation, how your company makes people feel, and how you are remembered after the sale. The foundation of your overall brand is your #brandpackage, which is comprised of your logo and all graphics, signage, promotional items, environment (online, in store, in the community), and marketing material.

Keys to Developing Your Branding Package

1. Naming and Logo Legibility: make sure your name and logo are clear, legible, and describe just what it is that you do. Can people pronounce your name, understand what it is, and be able to easily refer back to you? Make sure your themes reflect your company values: classic, stylistic, snazzy, creative, punchy, loud, sophisticated - figure out who you are and then design a logo to reflect that.

2. Logo Consistency: Make sure your logo is consistent across all media: your signage, website, business cards, apparel, and advertising should all depict the same image, tone, and overall company "feel." Make sure you have an option to use 2-color or black and white versions for ease of printing on apparel and other dark tone backgrounds on various media. Your graphic designer will be able to provide several versions of the same master logo.

3. Visibility is the King: After all, if you can't see it or find it, then what is the point? After developing your brand, make sure your customers and potential customers can see it and find it easily. Integrate your brand into areas of connectivity with you potential buyers: sponsor events, create logo apparel, design marketing pieces and a website to share you brand, your vision, and your promise.

4. Brand Messaging: Write down the key messages you want your buyers to know about your brand. Then make sure your employees know and echo these values and messages. Use this as a guiding force for all things #marketing!

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