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Influencer Marketing ~ a new wave of brand connectivity

Influencer Marketing is a whole new(ish) special sauce in the world of online marketing. We see it and we experience it, but we probably don't often think about the strategy and the results. I've been doing my own personal/professional research on brand influencers and the methods in which they are connecting to audiences (and driving sales). It's just truly fascinating. Thank you Digital Info World for this enlightening article about social media usage by gender and the power of women as brand ambassadors [Influencer Marketing is projected to be a $10 billion industry in 3 years!]. My absolute favorite part of this article is included as a snippet below. Lightbulb moment! Women are often inherently driven to form connectivity, expose vulnerability, and most of all speak in a voice of AUTHENTICITY. I certainly believe that one of my greatest assets is the power to be a good communicator: to listen carefully, absorb information, and effectively deliver a message that is successful to the giver and the receiver! So much about online branding and influencer marketing comes back to these seem ideas.


Women do emotional labor and authenticity better

Success in social media hinges on the connection that the influencer is able to make with their audiences. Panelist Anna Russett, social media influencer and consultant, posited that women’s ability to put in the “emotional labor” necessary to connect with their audiences - responding to DMs, generating personal content, sharing their vulnerabilities - is a big reason why women have a leg-up in the industry.

Another big theme - authenticity. Women have been able to use social media as a platform to put words and imagery behind their authentic selves, building influence through storytelling. Link to full article


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