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Graphic Design and Marketing

How do graphics play into marketing?

Effective marketing relies heavily on graphic design to create a brand’s visual identity. Graphic designers use their expertise to communicate brand messaging to consumers through images and illustrations that best showcase the brand. It is important to find designers that are educated on the latest design trends and technology, as well as find designers that are willing to research your brand and competitors, to develop a design plan that specifically supports your brand’s needs.

Constant Movement

How do I create graphic design that works?

In today’s fast-paced world, it is easy for things to go unnoticed. This is why effective graphic design is so important in marketing. An eye-catching graphic will grab the attention of a consumer well before content that is not visually appealing. Visuals help viewers easily and quickly read through information to determine if it is something they want to learn more about, which in turn leads to brand awareness.

Consistency is Key

What makes a great brand strategy?

Consistency not only creates and increases brand recognition; it also helps build consumer relationships, trust and brand loyalty. When consumers think of brands, one of the first things that usually pops into their head is the organization’s logo, along with the overall feel of the brand: including colors, shapes, and textures.

One method graphic designers use to ensure consistency across a brand is by creating a style guide or brand book. Style guides provide designers with rules and specifications for creating visuals across a brand.

These rules and specifications include:

  • Brand Story: What your brand is all about (company’s mission, vision, and values

  • Logo Guidelines: Proper usage: spacing, color variations, minimum sizes, and logo “no-no’s”

  • Color Palette: Include PMS #’s, CMYK and RGB values, and hex codes, as well as any allowed tints

  • Type Styles: Fonts, styles, sizes and weights for different uses

  • Images and Illustrations: Shadows, compositions, and styles

Another way to keep designs consistent is to partner with the same designer or design team. Not only will these designers be familiar with previous work and brand guidelines, but they will also have a developed working relationship with your brand and consumers to know what has been successful in the past.

Increased Traffic and Opportunities

How does graphic design enhance web traffic and engagement?

Well thought out graphic design with eye-catching, interesting, and engaging graphics helps increase brand visibility, which in turn can lead to increased opportunities.

Examples of how to increase sales through design:

  • Engaging Graphics: Lead to increased website traffic

  • Thoughtful Website Design: Easy to navigate, beautiful websites, keep consumers engaged and on your page longer which leads to increased sales

In conclusion, graphic designers play a key role on a marketing team. Careful selection of designers can ensure the outcome of design projects and their success, which is why finding professional and experienced designers to partner with is so important. Whether you are looking to design a brand from the ground up or looking to rebrand, 30|90 Marketing can provide the right designer to fit your needs.


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