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Event Marketing - What is it and Why is it So Important

We have all attended some type of event at some point in our lives. Whether it was a concert, conference, sporting event, trade show, or any other type of event, marketing is always used to advertise and promote before, throughout, and after the event has ended.

I'm sure you can remember receiving information before the event, seeing signage, billboards, and social media advertisements, feeling the need to purchase memorabilia or souvenirs at the event, or being handed fun promotional giveaways as you entered or visited an expo. Then once the event passed, you received a thank you email for attending with a link to purchase tickets to the next event. Well, all of these are examples of event marketing.

What is Event Marketing?

Event Marketing includes the planning and execution of events to promote a product brand or service. Event Marketing can take many different forms and will be geared toward the audience or attendees that you’re targeting.

Types of Event Marketing

Did you know the actual events themselves can be considered marketing? Trade shows and expositions are great ways to market your products, services, or organization. They allow you to not only demonstrate your offerings, but also create leads and provide networking opportunities with buyers and companies that can carry, sell, or purchase your products. Conferences are large events that offer great ways to educate attendees about your brand through speakers, workshops, and many networking opportunities. Seminars can accomplish the same objectives as conferences but on a smaller level. Then there are launch parties which can include grand openings or special events for exciting new products or services. All of these are great options to create awareness and promote your brand, services, and products.

Before Event Marketing

Event Marketing before your event is vital to your event’s success. Of course, you need to create awareness, but you also can use this time to get your attendees excited about the upcoming event. Did you know that 96% of attendees look for event information prior to attending? Social media and email campaigns are powerful tools to create pre-event hype, inform, and engage your attendees. Just be careful to not give away all the details of your event. Keep them waiting, build anticipation, and then deliver once they arrive at your event.

During Event Marketing

It's your time to shine! Do everything you can to make your attendees feel like they are truly a part of the experience. Encourage being interactive by allowing attendees to post real-time questions for event speakers and photos to their social media platforms. Be sure to create event-specific hashtags so that everyone can easily follow and enjoy the action. Create giveaways that attendees will want to use after they leave and offer larger giveaways or door prizes through event participation, such as games, trivia, and raffles. Remember, having open communication throughout the event with easily accessible information will make your attendee's experience even better.

After Event Marketing

You did it! After producing a successful event, your attendees are leaving engaged and loving their experience with your brand, product, or service. Well, just because the event has ended, it doesn’t mean the contact with your attendees should too. This is a great time to continue building relationships. Sending follow-up emails with key points or documents from your event. You can even send image galleries from various sessions or activities. Reach out and ask your attendees if they have any questions or would like to share any takeaways they gained from the event. Share highlights from the event on social media, and of course, share any upcoming events you may be planning as well as dates for next year’s event.

Why is Event Marketing So Important?

Event marketing is an excellent way for companies to grow their brand and create awareness. Did you know that 64% of events are created for this very reason? Marketing events create opportunities for businesses to have face-to-face time with current and potential customers. When customers are able to speak to a business in person, it helps build trust in your brand and it is also a great way to educate the industry on your product or service.

At 30|90 Marketing, we know planning events and the marketing strategy to go with them can be a lot. Let us know how we can help you reach the objectives of your next event.

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