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Developing An Intentional Business Development Strategy for the Re-Opening

In the midst of the Covid-19 Social Distancing work environment, we gathered with AIA New Orleans to discuss intentional plans to engage our customers and community as we move through Phases I and II of re-opening. Here are a few quick exercises and guidelines for your firm:

I. Communications Assessment

What communication have you shared with your clients & contacts in the last 4-6 weeks?

Have you contacted every client? Design and Construction Partner?

What current communication can you now share about your firm?

  • ­Current status on projects in progress

  • ­Current status of staff working/locations

  • ­Any positive stories during social distancing

  • ­What have you done to give back? Participate in supporting healthcare, education, public servants?

  • ­Any measures you have taken to protect staff, make changes internally

II. Flexible Planning

  • Have a documented plan with agility in mind

  • Conduct *Client Surveys* about their business practices, working hours, PPE, meeting guidelines

  • Discuss potential start dates and “meeting” options *Strategic Outreach Plan*

  • Review and update: pending projects sales funnel for 2020

III. Future Planning: Summer & Fall

  • Set a rhythm for BD outreach – Identify Business Developers (Seller/Doers)

  • Example: four meetings per week (in-office, coffee shops, virtual calls) Start asking for meetings early- even if dates have to slide.

  • Summer Review of your 2020 Strategic Plan for areas of adjustment. Fall Review/ Year End Review.

IV. Review of Lessons Learned

Discuss and Document:

  • Communication challenges

  • Project challenges

  • Technological challenges

  • Ideas for improvement

  • Company Culture – defining moments

  • Areas of advancement/solution

  • Other topics: telecommuting, new team dynamics, document-sharing, etc.

For more information about preparing your company's business development (BD) plan or setting strategies for the rest of 2020 and upcoming year, please get in touch:

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