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Citywide Transformations Spur from National Events

Last week, GNO, Inc.’s CEO and President Michael Hecht shared the City’s plans for infrastructure upgrades that will begin this summer and continue until Super Bowl LIX in February 2025, dubbing it the "Summer of Super Bowl". Not only do national events spur economic development in and around any city, but the long-range effects of these improvements s can be invaluable to any community. Here’s a brief recap of updates to come:

  1. New colored lighting on the Crescent City Connection bridge

  2. Resurfacing of Poydras Street and dozens of other roads

  3. Repair of streetlights along the I-10 corridor (from MSY to downtown), plus the French Quarter

  4. Widespread graffiti abatement, power-washing, and litter cleanup

  5. Rehousing and relocating of individuals in encampments

  6. Murals by local artists in prominent spaces downtown

  7. Cleaning of drainage canals and catch basins

  8. Improvements to the City’s telecommunication system

More information about the Summer of Super Bowl meeting can be found here.

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