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Marketing is the process of connecting with and educating your consumers and

audience to sell more of your products or services.

  • Teaching your consumers why they should select your product or service over your competitors or entering as a new purchaser into a product/service category is the key objective.

  • Developing the ideal marketing method and messaging to educate and influence your consumers at the right time and place is MARKETING.

  • Marketing can also include creation of the product or service concept, detailing who the likely consumers will be, and promoting it through the appropriate selling channels

  • Marketing can be achieved through physical printed marketing materials such as brochures, coupons, merchandising, displays, guidebooks, educational materials, and gifts.

  • Marketing can also be achieved through personal business development  outreach, digital marketing, and mass communications.

Marketing is the cornerstone of every prosperous business with the goal

to always be selling more of your products or services.

At 30|90 Marketing we take a customized approach to building marketing strategy that is best suited for the individual business type or industry. Through careful research, focus groups, and client interviews, we unwrap the key elements of each company’s differentiators and develop a full-scale marketing plan to build connection with the target audience.

We offer marketing services to a range of business types from small consultant firms to multi-million-dollar construction firms. We work with small businesses, technical experts, professional services firms, legal, retail, hospitality, and beauty/fashion. We are specialized in unveiling your firm’s unique specializations and key selling features and then crafting the perfect message for your audience. Starting with a consultation during our free one-hour meeting, 30|90 Marketing will help your company determine the appropriate path for your organization and build a viable, effective plan to create company success.

Marketing Services:

  • Advertising Design and Graphic Design

  • Brochures & Marketing Materials

  • Media Placement

  • Website Development and Content Writing

  • Social Media

  • Promotional Items

  • Signage Planning

  • Point of Sale

  • Retail Marketing

  • Event Planning

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