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Marketing Agency

30|90 Marketing is a marketing agency with a special focus on marketing, communications, branding, digital marketing, marketing strategy, and business development. 30|90 Marketing works with an array of clients across the Southeast Region, including Covington, Louisiana to deliver branding solutions and detailed marketing plans to launch a firm into the next level. Client types range from professional services, architecture and design, construction, engineering, retail, hospitality, and nonprofits to small businesses, consultants, artists, and freelancers.


30|90 Marketing works all across Covington with each client individually and builds a marketing plan and communications strategy to connect with their specific target audience, clients, buyers, and stakeholders. Each marketing package and plan in Covington is individualized and customized to specific industry terminology, trends, and expectations. From business development plans to digital marketing and print communications, 30|90 Marketing has expertise to serve the area of Covington and create impactful messaging. After all, great marketing centers around CONNECTIVITY. Beginning with a well-planned, actionable STRATEGY will drive your productivity, accountability, and ultimately your business SUCCESS! Please get in touch with 30|90 Marketing to discuss services and package options for your marketing and business development needs in Covington

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